Headgear not required
Genre Samba
Era Unknown
Music Samba
Dancers Unknown


Botafogo, also sometimes spelt as Bota-fogo or Bota Fogo, is a dance step in Samba. Depending on relative positions and handholds, there are several versions of Botafogos while the basic footwork technique is the same. The name comes from Botafogo place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Making the moveEdit

A generic Botafogo step pattern may start from either foot, either forward or backward, and its three steps are counted as "1..a2". During the dance the Botafogos are usually repeated several times, from alternating feet. A sample footwork is as follows:

  • Start facing, e.g., diagonally to the wall.
  • On "1" step forward with the left foot slightly diagonally across the body (i.e., step in CBMP)
  • On "a" step sideways with partial weight transfer. During this and the next steps, make a quarter turn to the left.
  • On "2" replace the full weight onto the left foot.
  • End the figure facing diagonally to the center.

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